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  Automatic License Plate Recognition

Welcome to Automatic License Plate Recognition .Info

Here in Plate Recognition .Info you can find
· detailed general information about Automatic License Plate Recognition, and
· detailed information about our license plate recognition products (software and hardware).

Automatic License Plate Recognition is commonly abbreviated as LPR or sometimes ALPR. We use the "LPR" abbreviation here.

Under the Overview section we explain

  • what license plate recognition is,
  • what the key technical and quality issues are,
  • and what the main applications of license plate recognition are: where and why it is used for.

  • Under the Products section you can find both general and technical information about our
  • CARMEN FreeFlow license plate recognition software,
  • CARMEN Parking license plate recognition software,
  • FXVD4 series of high quality industrial video capture cards (frame grabber cards), and
  • FXCAM IBW license plate recognition cameras.

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